DOT Physicals

Truck If you’re a professional truck or bus driver, you may be aware that you'll need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical.  This check-up clears you for driving commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), which many professional drivers are required to get on a regular basis. Dr. Wurst makes it easy for you to complete the physical examination and meet DOT regulatory requirements.

DOT physicals are highly regulated for the drivers’ safety and are designed to detect physical, mental, and emotional issues that can affect a driver’s ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle. This includes being able to handle long hours, exhausting schedules, and stress of operating the vehicles themselves.

Employers cannot have drivers out on the road without a valid DOT card. That means that you can’t legally work unless you're cleared for the road. Because of this, DOT physicals are a must-have if you’re a commercial driver or if you employ commercial drivers. They help ensure that you will be safe on the road, and compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

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